Rays Make Improvements To Tropicana Field

Today the Rays detailed their ballpark improvements for 2014, the major portion of which is creating a 360-degree pedestrian walkway that will cover the lower seating bowl at Tropicana Field.

Senior VP of Development and Business Affairs Michael Kalt explained that the project is productive for multiple reasons.  For one, it will solve a long-standing problem at the ballpark.  While Tropicana Field has many great individual spaces in it, many are hard to get to, and creating a 360-degree approach to the park will help solve it.   Kalt says the project also is important because of the statement it makes:

So in essence, the project is designed to give fans an experience where they can move around during the game and still see the action, but also show fans in the Tampa Bay area the team is committed them and the market.

The project, which takes out about three-four rows of outfield seating depending on the section, will reduce seating capacity by just over 3,000 to just above 31,000 for a sellout.  The reduction should be negligible, as most games will not be impacted.  If anything, it will create a more intimate experience and create greater demand for meaningful games in September.

Here are Team President Matt Silverman’s opening remarks at the unveiling:

Ultimately the new look will create a cool place to hang out in center field, while also giving families the chance to walk around the park with their kids while also not losing touch with the game.

As for what baseball operations is doing prior to the Winter Meetings next week in Orlando, we’ll have another blog post later this afternoon.

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