The Rays Radio Crew on Joe Maddon’s Departure

Dave Wills probably said it best when he said on a scale of 1-to-10 from a surprise standpoint, this was a 20.   Andrew Friedman’s departure was surprising, but Joe Maddon’s subsequent decision to opt out and not manage the Rays in 2015 was stunning. (more…)

An Introduction to Rays VP of Baseball Operations Chaim Bloom and Erik Neander

Most probably noticed that when Matt Silverman took on a new role as President of Baseball Operations, Chaim Bloom and Erik Neander were named Vice Presidents within Baseball Operations.  Both are new to their roles, but not to the Rays organization.  Bloom has been with the Rays since February 2005, becoming a Director in 2011. (more…)

It’s Not Always The Best Team

A smart person once told me that the MLB playoffs aren’t about the best team winning, it’s about the hottest team emerging.  Last year the hottest teams (Boston and St Louis) were also the best teams.  This year, that couldn’t be further from the truth, as two teams wit the fourth-best record in their league, are playing for a World Series title. (more…)

Neil Sits Down with Matt Silverman

Neil sat down with President of Baseball Operations Matt Silverman to discuss his transition to the new role and the other executive leadership changes within the organization.

Neil’s Look Back at Andrew Friedman’s Time in Tampa Bay

Andrew Friedman’s departure to the Dodgers certainly wasn’t easy.  Neil Solondz recalls his working relationship with Andrew and what made it unique: (more…)

Pace of Game Initiatives – A Return to the Past the Right Road?

We’ve spoken about the Rays minor leaguers who are in the Arizona Fall League this year in a previous blog.  Those players are also working under rules designed to examine ways to improve the pace of play at the MLB level.   In essence, this is a time where returning the way things used to be isn’t a bad idea. (more…)

What Rays Fans Can Learn From This Year’s ALCS Teams

Baltimore and Kansas City certainly are teams deserving representative in the ALCS.  But why are they deserving, and what do they have that the Rays lacked this season? (more…)

Rays Prospects in the Arizona Fall League

The Arizona Fall League kicks off in earnest on Tuesday.   This a prospect laden six-team  league that allows all 30 MLB teams the chance to give their top prospects a chance to measure themselves against terrific completion.  Here’s a look at the Rays prospects in the AFL, details on their career, and what we may learn from their time in the Arizona Fall League. (more…)

Rays Radio in the Offseason and into 2015

Just like you, we’ve been spending October watching the Postseason.  We can’t say we’re enjoying them as much as we would if we were broadcasting, but they’ve been entertaining nonetheless.  (more…)

Rays Expect to Keep Core Intact in 2015

If you were expecting major roster upheaval or change next year following the Rays’ first below-.500 record since 2007, you couldn’t be further from the truth.   Both Joe Maddon and Andrew Friedman indicated at the team’s season-in-review news conference that the core is in place for a successful 2015, and Maddon said the goal is for next year’s October news conference to be about the upcoming playoff game, rather than the end of the season. (more…)


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